outpatient clinic schedule


  • About Clinical Trial of WT1 peptide vaccination therapy for malignant brain tumors, please consult Dr.Hashimoto, Kagawa, Kinoshita, or Prof.Yoshimine.
  • About pituitary diseases and sellar lesion, please consult Dr.Saitoh.
  • About cerebral intravascular treatment for Vascular disease (aneurysm etc), please consult Dr.Fujinaka, Umegaki, Nakamura, or Prof.Yoshimine.
  • About Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) and surgery for Involuntary movement (Parkinson's disease, dystonia, etc), please consult Dr.Saitoh, Kishima, Hirata, or Oshino.
  • Clinical Trial of rTMS for Intractable pain and Involuntary movement is ongoing. About rTMS and Surgery for Intractable pain (thalamic pain etc), please consult Dr.Saitoh.
  • About Botulinus toxin treatment and Surgery for Spastic paresis, please consult Dr.Saitoh, Kishima, Hirata, or Oshino.
  • About surgery for intractable epilepsy, please consult Dr.Kishima. This department is authorized training institution by The Japan Epilepsy Society.
  • Osaka University Hospital
  • Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine,Faculty of Medicine
  • Department of Neurosurgery, Osaka University Medical School